People with good hearts

People with good hearts :
The thing about these people is, they give and give, without a second thought. They’ll forgive you when you hurt them, when you walk upon them and shatter their heart. They’ll forgive you even when you don’t ask for it. They strongly believe that you deserve it, even when you don’t.

You’ll not have to work hard for their love & care, you’ll get it without asking for it. Being insecure about no one loving you or feeling lonely isn’t an option, because these people won’t give you a minute you feel like this. They’re by your side every day, every hour, every minute.

They’ll give you their 100%, never too less, but always too much, more than they should. They’ll pull you out of the waters to prevent you from drowning, but won’t ever let you know that the water is suffocating them, that they’re drowning underwaters.

They’ll make sure they never let you down in any way. They’ll show up at your door at 3 a.m. when you need a shoulder to cry on & a hand to guide them along. They’re always there for you, even if it’s not the same the other way around. They’re always doing their best for you, wiping your tears and consoling you. They too hope for you to be there for them as they are for you, but even when you don’t, they seem to be okay with it as long as they are going all the way out to keep you safe and happy.

It isn’t easy for them to let go. They stay for however long they can. Whether you hurt them or do anything that can hurt a heart, they’ll still stay.
But at the end of the day if they decide to leave, they looked for a hundred reasons to stay, but you gave them every reason not to.

At the end of the day, when you’re feeling lost and helpless, you’ll remember them and the guilt of not reciprocating the same thing they did for you will eat you up. When they leave, just remember that you’ve lost a gem, a person who’s so genuine and rare to find.